BioPBS Coated Paper Cups

Our eco-friendly paper cups lined with a BioPBS coating are a fantastic alternative to conventional paper cups.

Paper cups are among one of the most misunderstood products when considering their end of life. Standard paper cups are coated with a plastic inner lining, to prevent the liquid seeping through the paper. This this layer of plastic vastly prolongs the over degradation process – studies have shown that that plastic coated paper cups can remain in landfill for 20 years without changing apperance.

How about BioPBS coated paper cups? By instead using a BioPBS coating, paper cups will be enabled to compost without any special treatment. These cups are biodegradable at ambient temperatures of just 30C.


  • High quality food-grade paper and coating
  • BioBPS coating; a special material that excels in biodegradability and compostability
  • European standard EN 13432 certified
  • Compostable at room temperature.
  • Available in various sizes ranging from 4oz to 20oz
  • This paper can also be used for our food boxes, bowls and trays
  • Custom printed designs on request
  • Manufactured in Indonesia

BIOPBS Coated Paper Cups

We produce an extensive range of paper cups – with sizes from 4oz to 30oz – all of which can be produced with our BioPBS coated paper.

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