Natural alternative to conventional plastic bags

Our innovative carrier bags are made from cassava starch and other naturally occurring substances. They are a great solution for those looking to move away from conventional plastic bags.

We’re proud to offer this wonderful innovation to our customers – a plastic carrier bag that’s made from cassava, not oil. Yes, that’s right.

Plastic bags are the number one enemy of the world right now and being banned everywhere.

SavaBag is different as it’s made naturally and won’t hang around in the environment or oceans for decades. In fact, it will degrade within months in the right conditions. And it won’t release any toxins along the way.

It’s sustainable

  • Made from cassava root starch, vegetable oils, and other naturally occurring substances.
  • Completely biodegradable and compostable.
  • Oral toxicity certified.
  • Will degrade within months in natural conditions.

It’s customisable

  • Available as t-shirt bags, griphole bags, polybags, and garbage bags.
  • Various sizes from small to extra large.
  • Choose your own colour.
  • Create your own design to your own desire.

become a distributor

We’re always happy to speak to distributors that share our passion and vision for sustainable packaging products.

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