What is Dispersion Coated Paper?

Food packaging products are almost always lined with a type of plastic barrier that is resistant to grease and liquids. Without this lining, the food or drink would seep through the paper far too quickly. For as long as we can remember, food packaging items such paper cups and food boxes have been lined with plastic or waxes that are harmful for the environment and difficult to recycle. In recent years, the innovation of bioplastics has also offered more sustainable solutions such as our BioPBS lining which will degrade naturally in ambient temperatures. But what if we could offer a type of paper that was neither coated with plastic or bioplastic yet still resistant to liquid and grease?

Our water-based dispersion coated barrier board is truly unique – it’s coating is not plastic or bioplastic. This type of paper has the incredible benefit that it can be very easily recycled.

The big problem with paper lined with plastic or bioplastic is that it can only be recycled after first going through a process to separate the paper from the coating. This rarely happens anywhere in the world; definitely not as often as it should.

Dispersion paper products can be recycled without any separation process. It can be placed in a standard paper waste bin and recycled with normal paper; there’s no separation process required. The paper is fully recyclable and also repulpable.

This has enormous environmental benefits.




Our plastic-free dispersion paper holds many certifications for food safety, hygiene, and sustainability.

  • Certified quality system according to ISO 9001
  • Certified environmental management system according to ISO 14001
  • Certified occupational health and safety system according to OHSAS 18001
  • Certified food safety management system according to ISO 22000
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