We are proud to serve as the supply partner for F&B brands of many sizes, in Indonesia and around the world. All of our food packaging products are environmentally-friendly and manufactured in Indonesia.


Enhance the presentation of food takeaways by customising the packaging it’s delivered within. We specialise in custom-printed food packaging and our internal design team are ready to help bring the vision to life.

We’ve created custom printed paper cups for various coffee shops, food containers for restaurants, and branded biodegradable bags for fast-food chains.

Almost all of our products can be customised.

Butterfly Cup


We supply the revolutionary next-generation paper cup, Butterfly Cup, a patented and certified product that pushes the boundaries of customer experience and sustainability.

Customer Experience

It’s unique design is made for improved usability. Serving drinks is more efficient, allowing for more hygienic handling, and it’s spill-proof feature makes for a safer, more enjoyable, experience.


Butterfly Cup is produced using sustainably sourced paper with a water-based dispersion coating that is entirely biodegradable and easily recyclable.

Moreover, these cups have an integrated lid meaning there’s no need for a separate lid. And there’s no need for a straw either.

Water-Based Dispersion Coated Paper Cups

To be truly sustainable we must move away from plastic coated food packaging. Our water-based dispersion paper is just that as it contains no plastic whatsoever. No plastic. No bioplastic.

  • Home compostable paper coffee cups
  • Easily recyclable with normal paper; no separation process required
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Good liquid barrier that is suitable for drinks and food
  • Paper sourced from sustainably managed forestry
  • Made in Indonesia

Our ALBIE range… like no other

We don’t like to be too normal. And our biodegradable range of paper disposable foodservice products are anything but normal. They’re special.

Cassava Bags

Looking to help your customers move away from plastic bags? Our bags made from cassava starch could be the most environmentally-friendly solution out there. They’re made from natural substances, truly biodegradable and compostable, and will degrade in natural conditions while leaving no microplastics or toxic residue.

BioPBS Coated Product Range

Our bio-based paper coating, BioPBS, excels in biodegradability and compostability. Engineered by the Mitsubishi Corporation, it is fully certified to EN 13432 and food-grade standards.

Due to it’s excellent liquid barrier, we produce many of our products with BioPBS coating including paper coffee cups, food containers, soup bowls, and ice-cream cups.

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