PLA Cornstarch Straws

Our bio-based drinking straws are produced using sustainable materials. These straws are made from PLA; a bioplastic with a cornstarch base. They look and feel like normal plastic but are actually made from sustainable natural resources without the nasty petroleum chemicals.

We’re all aware that plastic straws have been a menace to our planet for many years. They often end up in the environment where they won’t degrade, then find their way to the sea and float around our oceans leaching toxins and creating microplastics.

Our range of PLA cornstarch drinking straws are made to look and feel like conventional plastic. However, they don’t contain the same petroleum-based chemicals. Instead, they’re produced using bio-based materials that allow it to biodegrade.

All our PLA straws are certified as food-safe to the highest of standards and also certified to EN 13432 compostable regulations.


  • Made from natural resources, no plastic
  • Various sizes including 8x200mm, 8x145mm, 6x200mm, and 6x145mm
  • High quality PLA material (not suspect uncertified PLA that may have been blended)
  • EN 13432 certified; compostable in commercial composting facilities
  • Certified to EU food-grade standards
  • Performs like a normal plastic straw
  • Won’t create microplastics which pollute and poison our food chain
  • Custom designs on request (minimum order applies)
  • Produced in Indonesia


Our cornstarch straws are a viable straw solution for F&B businesses that still require a durable drinking straw. Available in various standard sizes, we can also create them to your own desired size. We’ve created custom size straws for extremely long cocktails as well as wide straws for bubble tea drinks.

Our PLA straws can also be created with a small customised print directly on the straw to make it unique (and Instagrammable) for your customers.

Alternatively, we can customise the individual paper wrappers with designs such as customer logos and branding.

Our team are ready to guide you through the process which suits you best.

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