About Us

We’re an independently owned, strategically creative, disposable food packaging supplier.

Forever curious and ready to transform the way our business operates, we don’t rest on our laurels. Instead, we’re continually creating exciting new products while our consultants provide top quality service levels for everyone we partner with.

Thanks to our vast industry experience and years in the field of food packaging, we’re able to look ahead to a better future.

Since 2017 we’re proud to have continually grown and improved our sustainable range of disposable tableware products, all of which are free from conventional plastic.

Why clients love us

It’s part of our company culture to go beyond the usual expectations



We strive to produce superior best-in-class products that suit your business, your customers, and move you to leaner, greener products that won’t create so much harm to the environment.

Driven by Design


Being driven by design is at the core of everything we produce. And we’re passionate about it too and ready to help you make your next concept come to life. Our team can help you create products to match your brand.

Made in Indonesia


With over 10 collective years experience in the design and supply of disposable packaging, it’s safe to say that we know a thing or two. Our business was born in Bali and has grown steadily.

Honest & Friendly


We’re specialists in our field and here to consult you on what’s best for you. Our people are the core of our business and good old-fashioned honest service is at the heart of our company.

What we do

We produce and supply F&B solutions! Beautiful, practical, meaningful F&B solutions. We supply what we love. We love what we do.

The natural world is at war with plastic pollution. That’s why it’s our mission to help foodservice businesses make the change to disposable products and packaging that are far less harmful to our environment. So we strive to find the best in class products. It’s paramount that we provide products made from natural resources to cut back on the fossil fuel-based plastics used in the F&B industry.

We love to make new partnerships with foodservice businesses looking to move away from conventional plastic products and deliver the high level of service required to make it happen. Behind the scenes is a great big mountain of strategy. But of course, great work can only happen with great clients. So we thank all of ours for being good to work with.

As well as a professional service, it’s important that we are always honest in our approach. This means honesty in our communication and honesty with our products. And so we won’t use random words of no meaning that have no reason but to subconsciously sell you something by sneaking it in, coconuts, so you don’t realise. Joking aside, we are fully committed to honesty.

Some brands we’ve helped

Our mission

Our mission is to provide the best-in-class food packaging products for quality corporations by engaging our innovation capabilities and enabling distribution through valued partnerships.

Get in touch

Our team are ready to arrange a video call so we can get to know each other and find out if we can partner together for greater things.

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