Butterfly Cup

Is this the most sustainable paper cup in the world right now? Yes, we truly believe so. Butterfly Cup is probably the most sustainable paper cup in existence.

For decades we’ve all been using standard disposable paper cups with separate plastic lids. Butterfly Cup is a revolutionary redesign of the standard paper cup that has huge benefits in terms of sustainability.

It’s patented design includes an integrated folding lid, therefore, removing the necessity for a separate lid.

Moreover, it’s suitable for hot and cold drinks as it doesn’t require any straw either.

Also, the method to close the integrated lid is extremely simple and a lot more hygienic than that conventional lids. All that is required is that the two sides are pushed down meaning that no dirty hands or fingertips are touching the drinking spout.

This specially crafted unique design also includes a spill-proof feature to minimise the splashes and spills that we all know too well. In fast moving service areas, such as cabin crew serving onboard drinks in-flight, this is a enormous efficiency benefit as well as an improvement in terms of safety.

These cups can be produced with different coatings including our very special compostable and recyclable water-based dispersion paper.

benefits of Butterfly Cup

  • Made from FSC paper sourced from sustainably managed forestry
  • Food safe and hygienic
  • Can be produced with BioPBS, Water-Based Dispersion, or PE coatings
  • Spill-proof design to minimise spills
  • Integrated lid
    • Faster serving times
    • More hygienic service
    • No separate lid required
    • No straw required
  • Available as Hot Cups or Cold Cups
  • Many different sizes ranging from 6oz to 24oz
  • Customisable printing on request

Butterfly Cup

Butterfly Cup is available in 7 different sizes (6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 16oz, 20oz, and 24oz) and as a Hot Cup (Single Wall, Ripple Wall, Diamond Wall, Triple Wall) or Cold Cup. Check our our full product range and send a quotation to our team.

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