Sustainable Food Packaging Collection

Our own environmentally-friendly product range, Albie, is for those that feel the need to express themselves. We believe being eco is by design.

The world has been at the mercy of plastic pollution for decades and food packaging is at the heart of this. Consumers are forcing a positive change away from typical petroleum-based packaging towards more sustainable materials.

With our eco-friendly range we hope to offer one of the most sustainable collections of takeaway containers in the world.

Make Earth Great Again

The Albie collection is a range of food takeaway packaging and delivery products which are made from natural materials and inner coatings.

Each and every product is made from paper and entirely biodegradable and compostable. This includes paper cups, food containers, soup bowls, straws, and bags. It also includes the paper lids which are made from sugarcane fibre.

As with all our products, this range is fully certified to EU food safety standards.

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We’re always happy to speak to distributors that share our passion and vision for sustainable packaging products.

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