We now have Hot Cup Lids made from Sugarcane Fibre

It’s an important part of our continual development that we strive to improve our food packaging products; in quality and design but, most of all, in terms of sustainability. A vital factor embedded in our company culture and vision is to continue progressing towards a sustainable future.

That’s why we made the decision over a year ago to begin phasing out our cPLA lids with the aim of replacing them with even more environmentally-friendly alternatives. Today, we’re proud to say that we’ve reached a new milestone as we announce our new coffee cup lids made from paper!

Really, you have lids made from paper? Yes, we do. It’s a special type of fibourous paper made from sugarcane fibre (aka bagasse).

These lids are an excellent choice for those with sustainability high on their agenda. Sugarcane is a fast growing material that’s available in abundance across Indonesia. It’s also natural and harmless to the environment. The end product is a lid that will degrade naturally in the environment.

At the moment we have these lids to fit our 80mm and 90mm diameter cups. And they fit extremely tightly, keeping drinks safe and secure.

In the future we hope to have more lids of a similar material to fit more of our products including our ice-cream cups and soup bowls. Watch this space.